Be Technopreneur in Smart Technology! Build your own program that can turn on the light using your voice!

Internet of Things (IoT) is product that connected to the internet that can be controlled with another device over the internet. The sample of IoT is Smart Home, where you can conrol all your electronic devices using your smart phone.

In Jakarta Coding Academy, We encourage students to learn how to develop Internet of Things (IoT) system, not only the hardware, but also the software development. Using block programming concept, students will learn how to create software without write any single code.

In three days, Jakarta Coding Academy will educate you:

Create Mobile Application (Android) using block programming concept

Develop design for user interface (UI/UX)

Learn Basic concept of Electrical Engineering and build sample lamp prototype

Connect your application to the lamp prototype using bluetooth

Use sensor in mobile device to control the lamp prototype


  • Android Smart Phone
  • Laptop / Tablet with internet access and google chrome web browser
  • Gmail Account

Price: Rp 1,200.000,-

For more info please contact us

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