The Story of

Jakarta Coding Academy

Jakarta Coding Academy is an academy focused on helping children learn coding. Established in 2018, Jakarta Coding Academy has a vision to produce qualified coders in Indonesia. We start from the simple idea that we think children should learn coding from their early ages so they can think systematically, creatively and do better on problem solving. With those capabilities, we believe that Indonesia will have qualified coders in the future. Other than that, the children also have a better chance in reaching their career ideals.

What is Coding?

Coding is ...

A process of designing and creating a computer program with some programming language. Not only designing and creating, programming activities also include: analysis, developing understanding, generating algorithms, and implementation of algorithms.

Why You Need Coding?

With Coding You can ...

Develop Logical Thinking

By learning coding skill you can develop your logic thinking skills, so you will get used to analyse problem with logical thinking approach and be able to see the root of the problem clearly, quickly and precisely.

Improve Problem Solving Capability

Overall, by mastering coding skills, you can be more resilient in dealing with problems that exist in other areas of your life, because basically making a computer application is the art of exploring your creativity to create an innovation that can solve daily problems.

Develop Systematic Design Thinking

Studying coding skill makes you able to think systematically in designing solutions of problem solving. The industrial world needs professionals who can think systematically

Explore Your "STEM" Creativity

do you like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)?Jakarta Coding Academy can be your second home to explore your STEM creativity, because we facilitate you to actualize the concept and theory of STEM to be innovation product of Information Technology

Why us?

Things That Make Us Different

Kids Approved

All modules we create is designed for all ages, including kids. It means that our module is easy to follow and understand. 

Coding Competition

Every year, we will create coding competition.  You can realize your idea and compete it with other schools.

Based on Case Study

We develop the program based on case study. With this approach, we not only teach students how to do it, but also why you do it.

As Extracurricular

Our program can be implemented as extracurricular in schools, so student don’t need to go other place after school.

Flexible Schedule

You can choose when you want to implement our program in your school. Just pick a day and we will come every week.

Progressive Learning

Our program is designed to have progressive learning. We develop a complex innovation technology from scratch step by step.

Made by Professional

The modules are prepared by professional who work in education area for 5 – 10 years.

Innovation Oriented

We encourage students to think out of the box so they can  innovate something new.

Career Ideals

Student can explore their hidden talents, so as to support the process of determining their career ideals in the future

Our Program

IoT Smart Technology

The transformative intersection between the Internet, mobile and sensor technology has inspired this course. Learn to create the next generation of IoT-enabling technologies, by designing an IoT system to connect embedded sensors using commodity smartphones via low power Bluetooth Low Energy. Skills such as app development and embedded system design are practiced using various applications including a sensor station.


Analysis & Design 25%
Software Development 45%
Hardware Integration 30%

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